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 Pro Cannabis Business  Promotions

Pro Cannabis Business  Promotions & Propaganda

Welcome to TOP WORLD NEWS, your one-stop shop for business promotions in the sauciest, most scandalous, and most earth-shattering news stories from around the globe. Here at TOP WORLD NEWS, we bring you the very best in investigative journalism, hard-hitting reports, and trashy videos. Our distinguished reporters are on the scene of every breaking story, so you can be sure to get the latest news as it happens. We’ve got all your favorite topics covered: politics, world events, celebrities, and of course, the juiciest scandals. Whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute breaking news or want to find some news entertainment then check out our classic content, either way, we’ve got what you desire. 

Pro Cannabis Business Listing

We promote all types of pro-cannabis businesses such as provisioning centers, dispensaries or other brands. Join the fun by getting a page listed on our map, just fill out the form which includes the ability to sign up for advertising on TOP WORLD NEWS 420 TABLOIDS. When the men in black show up, don’t be alarmed. They are here for your security.  We also encourage you to submit information for a special promotion.  Tell us about your favorite cannabis product and or best sellers.Vehicle City Social

ENHANCED CLEARANCE Business  Promotions

Classified mind control techniques are in place as we mesmerize new and loyal patrons. This includes a full-page trance-inducing listing that includes all pertinent information about your cannabis business listing with added hyperlink boosters to enhance your listing. Take control of the news flow by becoming a full-page dominating force with unlimited updates and all suggestions pointing to your cannabis business.

Pro Cannabis Business  Promotions

PIF [PAY IT FORWARD] Smear Campaign

Destroy your competition and sleep well at night knowing that we are doing your dirty work. We will crush your opposition by slandering malicious defamation rumors effectively assassinating their character and stirring controversy about your enemies enticing outrage! PIF Smear Campaign is a boosted article about the rivalry of your choice.  Defiling your competition could not be more rewarding than when you effectively pay it forward to have a scandalous story scattered over the whole internet causing grief and dishonor among your enemies.

Liberty Meds Ann ArborPropaganda has never been so easy with one payment lesser than your soul we can create a horrible and tragic story about your opposition calling into question their reputation effectively gaslighting the competition by propounding negative propaganda and ultimately defiling the competition. Don’t get caught bullying the enemy when we can do it for you! We are your hired flying monkeys ready to trouble your victims relentlessly until their ultimate demise.

“Flying monkies” is a phrase sometimes used in popular psychology to describe people who are acting at the behest of another to control a targeted individual. It is a metaphor taken from the Wizard of Oz wherein the Wicked Witch

of the West used winged monkeys to carry out evil deeds on her behalf.

Get busy crushing your enemies today, no limits on smear articles or crushing campaigns! We do all the work but take your suggestions for smears very seriously. Each article has a positive advertisement placed in the center with your particular brand in all its glory. We dump on your competition and bring your brand into highlight effectively stealing customers!


***For those of you who may be a little slow, this is not a mean-hearted program. Get it yet?



Pay it Forward



Your cannabis business has been recruited by the PIF TEAM  as a covert agent to carry out an impossible mission of utmost importance.  Our arch-nemesis ANTIWEEDFA has been plotting against the Cannabis Community for some time now and we have to take action!  Our sources found that our arch-nemesis ANTIWEEDFA is planning to steal all the Cannabis from Provisioning Centers across the world with the aim to create misery and divide the Cannabis Community. 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to expose these villains at ANTIWEEDFA by conspiring with TOP World News and exploiting notoriety to further unite the Cannabis Society as a force to be of dank detroit

But, this doesn’t give us much time Before tragedy may strike!!

(Call to be sure this program is available in your region.)


The (4P’s) PARTNER PROPAGANDA PUBLICATION PROGRAM includes an initial cover story, a follow-up narrative, and a finishing chronicle once a month for 3 consecutive months. Quarterly reports will be distributed containing analytic reports and forensic details. TOP Secret insights and analytics reports come out 90 days after headlines are posted along with follow-up stories. Milestones include increases in viewership and continuous brand awareness via your webpage and links to your social media product promotion to measure actual customers
with a TOP code for actual numbers.

Our goal is to encourage new and enslaved patrons further into an entranced state of brand mesmorizing using social media tools to entrap customers into a hypnotic state of obedience. This is also including your Enhanced Highlighted listing with description, image ad always appearing on your region’s map page, image ad in general rotation on the website, top banner ad in rotation on all pages.