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Sexual Transmutation With Bill Azin on ONLY FANS


The sexual transmutation process is a practice just like any other kind of practice. At first, you will lose it, but gradually you get better and better and then the rewards begin to rain down from heaven. Don’t know how to start or why to start? Join me for a deep dive into all the amazing benefits and I will share some hacks to get started right away!


Bill Azin was created from fractal in his creators’ consciousness. He was made with equal parts of free speech and esoteric alchemy. On this channel, we dive deep into cannabis rituals and spiritual use. I have been practicing kundalini yoga and rituals of sexual transmutation with a host of endless topics to talk about. Let’s chat on topics including experiencing a heightened awareness of intuition, A deep sense of purpose and destiny. The urge to make life changes. Physical and emotional changes like sleep disturbances, anxiety, surges of energy, and clairvoyance. We will discuss deep breathing and yoga practice and how to handle intense psychic downloads and sustained whole-body orgasm state of being. There are no limits to where our sessions could go. I love all people equally. Together we can unite in spirit and feel the serpent rise to its highest state and that is where unbelievable magic happens. More powerful than any drug or distraction the life I wish to share with you.

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