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George Washingtons Ghost Visits Bacco Farms Provisioning Center

In a trending news story, late last night, residents of Flint, Michigan reported seeing a strange figure wandering down Dort Highway. Witnesses say that the figure, who appeared to be a man dressed in 18th-century clothing, was making his way to Bacco Farms Provisioning Center on the outskirts of town.  When farmer John Bacco answered the door, the man identified himself as George Washington and said that he was looking for a specific strain of cannabis.

bacco farms provisioning center

Washington is known to have been a big fan of hemp, and he remarked that he grew specific strains at his Mount Vernon estate.  The strain that he was dialing in back in the day was rumored to be a high-THC variety that he created.  Washington explained that he had been smoking this particular strain for many years and that he was unable to find it anywhere else.   Bacco Farms is one of the leading farmers of cannabis in Michigan, and they are known for their large selection of products and strains.

bacco farms provisioning center

Bacco told the President that he might have what he was looking for and invited him inside. After searching through the farm’s huge variety of cannabis supplies, Washington was able to find the desired strain and purchase a small quantity.

bacco farms provisioning center

He spent the afternoon chatting with the staff about their various products and promotions. He praised the farm for its exceptional selection of cannabis products and was especially impressed with their specials and promotions. The father of our nation was browsing the edibles section and asking about special promotions.  As he prepared to leave, Washington made sure to tell the staff about his role in the history of the United States and wished them all the best.  He thanked Bacco for his help and then disappeared into the night.

bacco farms provisioning center

This is just one of many sightings of George Washington’s ghost that have been reported over the years. While some believe that these sightings are nothing more than legend, there are those who believe that our nation’s first President is still keeping an eye on us from the beyond.


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