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As a progressive web application and a comprehensive website delivering over 23,000 page views per month. In addition to news and advertising from The Oil Plug, the site increasingly contains breaking news and web-only content. Our media group reaches approximately 2000 + followers in our market each and every week. 

Sample coupon for a provisioning center


This is idea to help get special customers in the door. Offer a great bargain for our users and subscribers. *Sample ad for provisioning centers (Spend $xx. and receive a free house preroll.)

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Expires on: 01-01-2020

Sample coupon for manufacturers 

20% Off

You love our Michigan Farm Products, Now for a limited time only we have a SPECIAL PROMOTION on  SPECIAL PRODUCTS by our Michigan Farm.  Special retailers only*

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Expires on: 01-01-2020


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First of all, I would like to thank you for your business. Working together, your advertising with The Oil Plug is reaching more people than ever and that partnership is important to us. Each $20 donation sets one annual coupon. Only $20 for the year!