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Wook Searches For “Magic Beans” At Green Bean Provisioning Center

Your friendly local Wook woke up this afternoon from a 3-day ketamine binge with big plans to solve the world’s problems.  However, when he found his best friend and favorite DJ depressed on the couch he instantly recalled an article his grandmother read him in the TOP WORLD NEWS about a place called Green Bean Provisioning Center. He was inspired by the story his grandmother told him of a faraway land where the trees grow tall and the beans have magical powers. The magical place Grandma was speaking of was Flint, Michigan. He unwittingly determined that this was where he was going to pick up some magic beans to help his friend.

The Green Bean Provisioning Center

A determined Wook can be very formidable especially when they are in pursuit of drugs and their mission is of critical importance when it has a noble cause like helping a friend.  After much contemplation and an online quiz, he has decided to take the plunge and journey to Green Bean Provisioning Center in pursuit of “magic green beans”.   He plans to walk for many miles, crossing forests, and rivers, in search of the fabled beans. His grandmother told him that the journey will be difficult, but that the rewards will be worth it. Wook is determined to find the beans and bring them back where they can be used to help his friend who is suffering from massive post-festival withdrawal after the Electric Forest.  Geared up with some vitamin c, his trusty dog, Xtacy, and a pacifier he headed out on his quest. 

The green bean provisioning center

He didn’t get far when a group of Japanese tourists stopped their van to take pictures of what they thought was the famous Dogman walking down dort highway.  The Japanese tourist’s photography made the Wook uneasy but he kept on with his noble pursuit.  Though he is a bit apprehensive, he is excited to see what these magic beans can do.  Wook has been curious about these beans ever since his friend Pixie told him about the amazing things they did for her anxiety. He is hopeful that they will help him to relax and feel more like himself.

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This just in, Wook, the local leader of the magic bean trade, was seen today negotiating with a representative from the Green Bean Provisioning Center.  It is believed that Wook is looking to borrow a large number of beans in order to meet the demand from the other side of the hill. This comes as a surprise to many, as Wook has always been tight-lipped about his business dealings. However, sources close to the situation say that this is not the first time that Wook has had to borrow beans from the dispensary. It is unknown at this time how long the negotiation will take, but it is clear that Wook is eager to reach a deal.

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