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Green Culture Provisioning Center Protest | Flint Michigan

Flint, Michigan, a group of little green men are protesting the height of countertops in stores that sell cannabis products like Green Culture Provisioning Center.  The issue is that the counters are too high for the little green men to reach, making it impossible for them to purchase any products. The group has been working with the city to get the countertops lowered, but their efforts have been unsuccessful.  In the meantime, they continue to protest and raise awareness about their cause. The little green men say that they just want to purchase cannabis products like everyone else, and they hope that by raising awareness about their issue, they will be able to make some progress.  They have even created a petition asking for the counters to be lowered. So far, the petition has garnered over 1,000 signatures. The little green men say that they are not against cannabis use, but they believe that everyone should have equal access to the products.  Store owners have said that they are working to find a solution that will satisfy both sides.

green culture provisioning center flint michigan

On Saturday, a group of 12 little green men protested at Green Culture Provisioning Center over the high countertops. The protesters said that the countertops are too high for them to purchase cannabis products. “We can’t see over the countertops to even see the products,” said one protester.  The group of little green men said that they have been protesting for several weeks and will continue to protest until the height of the countertops comes down. “We’re not going to stop until something changes,” said another protester. “This is unfair to us and it’s preventing us from getting the medicine we need.”

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