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Bill Azin

3 weeks ago


    Bill Azin

    9 months ago

    Are you a Michigan Cannabis Influencer that is tired of loosing all your hard earned work to some awful algorithm or biased policies, only to be deleted for the dumbest reasons?

    Well I feel ya pain my brothas and sistas, thats why theoilplug.com is now a community oriented platform. We are already broadcasting to over 40,000 Michigan MMMP Patients a month and growing everyday. Now you can be part of the fun!

    Feel at home here building portfolios and advertising products and services to people in Michigan Cannabis Community @theoilplug. You can create your own groups, design your custom page, post in front of your niche audience with complete freedom of expression.

    All services will be free, but please consider donating through the shop.
    This is only the beginning as we grow I will add features that you want. Please contact me with suggestions!

    We are the Michigan Cannabis Community and we will not held down by terrible technocrats. - Bill Azin


      Entrepreneurs | jobs | Opportunities | Networking

      Public Group

      This group offers a place for anyone who’s a part of the legal cannabis industry and anyone looking to be a part of it. Those looking for jobs in the industry will find plenty of opportunities here, and marijuana entrepreneurs will find plenty of like-minded individuals to connect with and build their professional network.

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