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Michigan’s 420 Tabloid News has the most educated, loyal, and dedicated readers in the history of news. Throughout history, the smartest people in Michigan have been loyal readers. In fact, many people have told us that the governor of Michigan often reads The Oil Plug Tabloid News while seated on the throne in the Governor’s Mansion. Others tell us their brain grows every time they read a Michigan cannabis tabloid news story. We take great joy with our work exploiting the Michigan cannabis industry and hope you do too. Learn more about our services such as listing your cannabis business on the map and making your business a complete page presenting the promotions.

The Oil Plug

Michigan’s Best Tabloid News

Our innovative advantage is exemplified when your business has had a unique cover story written about it. Developing rich imaginative content around your Michigan Cannabis Business is our clever way of headlining you into trending status. We write our tabloids packed with rich SEO and keep the scoop of clever and artistically compelling stories continually flowing under new eyeballs. We hunt and report new and loyal customers continually sending them directly to your business’s sales page increasing viewership. We put our money where the mouth is by reporting analytics and evaluating increases with activity.

Who can be on the cover of The Oil Plug?

Cannabis Influencers – Provisioning Centers – Manufacturers – CBD Retailers – Smoke Shops – 420 Friendly Restaurants – ClubsOil Plug Michigan’s Best Tabloid News 

Oil Plug Michigan’s Best Tabloid News is now offering competition slander stories at a discounted rate. You could say that we offer dirty deeds done dirt cheap. We will destroy your competition as you sleep well at night knowing that we are doing the dirty work for you. We will crush your opposition by slandering malicious defamation rumors effectively assassinating their character and stirring controversy about your enemies enticing outrage! Don’t get caught trashing the opposition when we can do it for you. Get started today or maybe it’s time for a 3 story full campaign.


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Oil Plug Michigan’s Best Tabloid News 




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