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Mystical Haze Surrounds Essence Provisioning Center

The Essence Provisioning Center in Pinconning, Michigan, has been making headlines overthe past few months due to a strange occurrence that happens during the full moon. The building, constructed with refurbished steel, has occasionally been enveloped with an eerie green mist whenever the moon is full.

The TOP World News station sent a news crew to investigate the strange wonder: something out of an alchemist’s storybook. According to some locals, the phenomenon appeared for the first time right after cannabis infused their area. It had stirred winds and unlocked the tightly knotted grass thereby supernaturalizing these premises.

Inside the store, the journalist observed the customers, as this strange event drew largely enhanced numbers from the inhabitants, buying anything to get a glimpse of the green haze.

There are plenty of locals and customers that have stated that this mystical blanket is a product of their much-potent quality. Some also suggest that it is the result of being built on ancient burial grounds, while others say it is a zone for ghosts indigenously indigenous to the area.

Despite little scientific explanation, some spiritual enthusiasts attribute this phenomenon to the healing and meditative qualities of CBD, and hard-won, expertly nurtured harvest of THC. Records from the shop owners show, sales increased 500% ranginghappily across the spectrum of merchants.

While the mystical haze that envelops the Essence Provisioning Center hasn’t been explained, customers continue to be enchanted by it, even as some report that they’re starting to feel improved healing and spiritually synchronized hues of green. Whether or not the green mist continues to envelop the building with each full moon still remains to be seen, but no one can deny it is playing its part in increasing trade.