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Rocket Foam Farmers Block




3 Rocket Foam Farmers Block Covers 1 acre

Saving thousands of dollars in water costs:

When you order one farm foam block you will receive one large block of compacted rocket foam which will need to be shredded and soaked before working into the soil.  For best practices refer to the martian enterprise’s website.

Martian Enterprises is excited to offer a new product that is revolutionizing the way farmers grow crops. Rocket Foam is an all-natural product that helps plants to grow faster and healthier while using way less water.

Rocket Foam flake is the farmer’s secret to becoming more environmentally conscious by saving up to 50% on water costs year after year. Error-proof Rocket Foam is made from 100% all-natural ingredients that remain bioactive for upwards to 7 years. Your crops will have turbo-boost root growth overnight while needing 1/2 of the water.

rocket foam

Rocket Foam is a sterile product with a neutral PH which makes growing that much easier because it resists algae, bacteria, and molds.

Rocket Foam is the future of growing environmentally conscious. The secret to Rocket Foams’ success is how it holds water while allowing oxygen to flow perfectly for the fastest maximum root growth resulting in healthy-lush plants. Rocket Foam growing substrate is biodegradable, reusable, and compostable while retaining its qualities for up to 7 years!

Made in America! 

Forget other products that come from overseas that are not only bad for the environment but never break down. Rocket foam is made for maximum effectiveness while remaining ESG-positive. In fact, adding Rocket Foam to your farm or nursery could soon be the best way to not only save your business tons of water resources but also be a potential tax incentive for new rules and regulations. By adding Rocket Foam to your projects you could be ahead of the game. Rocket foam has a track record around the globe for saving companies millions on water resources. From the desert to sea to shining sea the future is here, the future is Rocket Foam!

rocket foam farm block

 Rocket Foam is an all-natural product that helps plants to grow faster and healthier while using less water. The secret is in the unique composition of the foam, which allows it to hold water while still allowing oxygen to flow freely. This results in rapid root growth and healthy, lush plants. Martian Enterprises is committed to helping farmers become more environmentally conscious and efficient, and Rocket Foam is a key part of that effort. The product is biodegradable, reusable, and compostable, and remains effective for up to seven years. Martian Enterprises is proud to offer a product that will help farmers save water, reduce their environmental impact, and improve crop yield.

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