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PAY IT FORWARD SMEAR CAMPAIGN | Child Safe Benefits from Profits


  • Destroy the enemy
  • crush the competition
  • gaslight the opposition


Destroy your competition and sleep well at night knowing that we are doing your dirty work. We will crush your opposition by slandering malicious defamation rumors effectively assassinating their character and stirring controversy about your enemies enticing outrage! PIF Smear Campaign is a boosted article about the rivalry of your choice.  The enemy must be within the parameters of cannabis business in Michigan with lite if any politicking. Defiling your competition could not be more rewarding when you effectively pay it forward to have a scandalous story scattered over the whole internet causing grief and dishonor among your enemies.

smear campaignPropaganda has never been so easy with one payment we can create a horrible and tragic story about your opposition calling into question their reputation effectively gaslighting the competition by propounding negative propaganda and ultimately defiling the competition. Don’t get caught bullying the enemy when we can do it for you! We are your hired flying monkies ready to trouble your victims relentlessly until their ultimate demise.

“Flying monkies” is a phrase sometimes used in popular psychology to describe people who are acting at the behest of another to control a targeted individual. It is a metaphor taken from the Wizard of Oz wherein the Wicked Witch of the West used winged monkeys to carry out evil deeds on her behalf.

Get busy crushing your enemies today, no limits on smear articles or crushing campaigns! We do all the work but take your suggestions of smears very seriously. Each article comes with a positive advertisement placed in the center with your particular brand in all its glory. We dump on your competition and bring your brand into highlight effectively stealing customers!


*100% profit goes to: