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Special Guest Appearance @ Your Cannabis Business



  • Business Exposure 
  • Guerilla Marketing 
  • Awareness Advertising


Special Guest Appearance by the celebrity* of your choice!  A cannabis-friendly business has the ability to conger up any celebrity, historical personality, mythical creatures, gods, and goddesses from ancient times. We will use the magic of cannabis to bring back to life any of your favorite charters from any time period and any place! We know your business is special and so do our special celebrity guests! They want to come across the globe or from your backyard to raise awareness of your wonderful cannabis-friendly business!

Special Guest Appearance by request! A cannabis-friendly business has the ability to bring back any celebrity, historical personality, or mythological creature you want. For only $500 per guest appearance, we can make it happen – all thanks in part to our magic skills with marijuana and other plants that give life again as they once did long ago when these beings roamed this earth alive amongst men. It doesn’t matter if your favorite charter was lost centuries ago; there’s still time for him/her (or them) to come forth now through special effects created solely using glowing plant compounds found near Detroit industrial zone.

With our special guest appearances, you can have any celebrity* appear at your cannabis-friendly business. We’ll use the magic of marijuana to bring them back from ancient times or anywhere in between! Now is not too late for a reminder that this place really matters because it’s *your* story now and forevermore.*

Cannabis-friendly businesses are now able to conjure up anyone they want – It is never difficult finding someone suitable so don’t worry; we’ve got all sorts of characters here… historical figures like Buddha himself, mythical creatures such mermaids and unicorns can show up too!  

*Living Celebrity appearances and likeness may be a little blurry. No exact replications are allowed. lol