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My Oil Plug Hoodie | Win a free trip to the Caribbean


$54.99 $49.99

Buy my hoodie, it smells like me.


My Hoodie is for Sale

Buy the hoodie I wear when producing content for both of the Oil Plug subscribers. I kinda sweated in it a few times, one time, I really let the sprinklers go. I was in the grow house, just sweating like pig. You will like the pleasant pheromones oozing from each fiber. You will want to wear this hoodie everywhere you go, into town, out of town, everyone will love your used hoodie sweatshirt.

UPDATE: I got a little peanut butter on the front, it seemed to clean off, but I WILL NOT be washing this hoodie before you buy it.


Buy this hoodie and be entered into an all expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic for 7 Days! Stay at the private villas in the hills overlooking the Atlantic beaches! Contest winner will be called January 1 2021

Trip will be in February of 2021 at my villa in the Dominican Republic. You will be staying in the kings room with an open view of the natural surroundings overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There is lots to do being just minutes from the beach and town. escape the cold of Michigan for a week and go where it is always in the 80s sunny with a nice breeze. I will be hosting the winner to meals, travel and outings. Basically your coming to hang out at my crib in the DR for a week, I’m payin. Its an 8 hour flight from Detroit to Puerto Plata via Miami. 7 Nights is a great time and a life changing experience.