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Purple Gang Warning: Authoritarians On The Rise In America.

Authoritarians in America

The ghosts of the Purple Gang have come to warn us of the authoritarians on the rise. The Purple Gang was Detroit’s toughest gang during the 1920s, and they’re not about to let a bunch of power-hungry politicians take over their country without a fight!

These ghosts are determined to help us get rid of these bullies before they can do any more damage. So grab your weapons and let’s go take down those authoritarians!  We’ve got a country to save!

the purple gang

TOP Reporter and Cannabis Influencer Kantryli broke the story:

The ghosts of the Purple Gang have come to warn us about the authoritarians bent on dictating our lives.  If you don’t know, the Purple Gang was Detroit’s toughest gang during the 1920s. They were a criminal mob of bootleggers and hijackers who mainly consisted of Jewish gangsters. They operated in Detroit, Michigan, during the 1920s of the Prohibition era and came to be Detroit’s dominant criminal gang.

Now, according to these ghostly goons, we need to watch out for authoritarians who are looking to suppress our freedoms and civil liberties.  So what can we do?  Well, first of all, we need to stay informed and keep an eye on what’s going on with those who wish to oppress us.  But most importantly we must be conscious about where we are spending our money and time. The Purple gang wants the average American to understand that our dollars are votes!  When an institution becomes corrupt the duty is upon the individual to stop the flow of time and money into the rotten institution. Only we as individuals can make a difference that can put a stop to all forms of authoritarianism.

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Authoritarians in America continued:

“The marketplace offers consumers a variety of products, and each producer tries to convince consumers that his product is best. Consumers vote for products by spending their dollars. Products receiving a lot of dollar votes will be profitable and will continue being produced. Products that do not receive enough dollar votes will die. Dollar voting provides feedback to producers. It tells them whether their performance is acceptable or not. Dollar voting implies that consumers, not producers, ultimately decide what will be produced in a market economy. This power of consumers is often called “consumer sovereignty.”

Hey everyone, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Purple Gang ghost formally known as Isadore Burnstein.  I’m here to warn you about the authoritarians on the rise. No, I’m not talking about those lame-ass Republicans or those spineless Democrats. I’m talking about the REAL authoritarians. The ones who want to control every aspect of your life. The ones who will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Be vigilant and stay aware of where you are spending your time and money!

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