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Environmentally Conscious Commercial Cannabis Growers Using Rocket Foam

The New Conscious Commercial Cannabis Growers


Commercial Cannabis Growers have an existential crisis on their hands. The heaps of Grodan also known as Rockwool in landfills have the attention of the EPA, CIA, DEA, and pest control. They are witnessing that the woven rock substance never breaks down causing poisonous water in many highly populated areas. The product Grodan is imported from Asia and has been widely used by commercial cannabis cultivators for decades and the mineral-cotton-candy is giving planet earth indigestion while forming cancer on the land. Moreover, the cancer is seeping into the water and spreading to farm animals and people living near landfills.  “People are getting dumber,” says one government official. We need to stop this imported trash immediately! While government nimrods talk while actually doing nothing the market on the other hand has a solution!

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rockwool causes cancer


rockwool grodan causes cancer

Thank goodness that cannabis growers are always on the lookout for new and effective ways to improve their yields and make their cultivation more efficient and environmentally sound. Now, some commercial cannabis growers are turning to Rocket Foam as a key growing substrate. Rocket foam is a lightweight, organic material that seems similar to insulation when you first examine the biodegradable substance. It is said to help boost germination and root growth while increasing yields with less moisture in the grow room. Rocket foam is 100% organic, biodegradable, reusable up to 3 times, PH neutral, sterile, holds 37.9% air-to water-volume, 100% made in Northern America from sustainable resources. 100% customizable product with endless applications.

Rocket foam organic growing substrate

With its unique dynamic structure, Rocket Foam helps seeds and clones to germinate more quickly and grow faster than they would in any other substrate. Watch the video below of an experienced cannabis grower showing the results of using Rocket Foam cubes. 

The results of using Rocket Foam have been overwhelmingly positive, with many growers reporting faster germination and improved root growth, as well as increased yields overall. If you’re an environmentally conscious cannabis grower looking for a new way to maximize your output, then Rocket Foam may be just what you’re looking for.

Commercial Cannabis Growers

Commercial Cannabis Growers

Rocket foam is a lightweight porous absorbent material that is made from 100% organic, sustainable material. It is the most effective way to start clones and seeds helping them grow dynamically faster and bigger. Below the image is the capillary structure of Rocket Foam zoomed in 100 times revealing the dynamic structure that holds water while allowing oxygen to flow, unlike any other substrate. Rocket foam is not only biodegradable but it can also be reused up to 3 times while retaining its qualities. Personally, I have found used Rocket Foam 4 times after working with it this summer in my garden.

rocket foam

So far, the results have been undeniably positive, with many growers reporting faster germination and root growth while increasing yields with less moisture in the grow room. If you’re an Environmentally Conscious Commercial Cannabis Grower looking for a new way to boost your yields, you may want to consider using rocket foam in your grow setup.


So why not give it a try? After all, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Rocket Foam!rocket foam