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Smart Move

Last month, longtime cannabis advocates and stoner-friendly band Slightly Stooped launched its own cannabis, spirits, and health-and-wellness brand with an aim greater than just getting people high, happy, and healthy. After embracing cannabis culture throughout its two-decade-long career, the band wants to deliver both top-quality cannabis products and a social justice message.
“Marijuana represents freedom and emphasizes the larger environmental and social issues that impact society,” Stoopid says. So the band is continuing efforts to raise awareness for the medical benefits of cannabis, while expanding its participation in supporting cannabis-law reform and responsible commercialization.
The band has a long history in the cannabis space, garnering past attention with its weed-focused songs including “Couldn’t Get High,” “This Joint,” and “Mellow Mood.” Then, in 2017, Stoopid released the first-ever smokable 12-inch “vinyl” record made entirely of hashish. The hash vinyl was etched with the grooves of the jazzy, stoner-friendly Slightly Stoopid instrumental single “Dabbington” (from the band’s Meanwhile Back At The Lab LP), and the project became the first and only audio recording in history to be pressed directly on pure cannabis source material with the ability to extract audible sound. The landmark stunt—originally intended to promote legalization and the ancillary benefits of a still–federally illegal substance—was a one-of-a kind, unprecedented endeavor.

Shop for Stoopid’s grow-your-own seeds, cultivated in collaboration with the Humboldt Seed Company; THC Diamond Infused prerolled Stoopidhead Hammerhead–infused joints; and Full Spectrum 420 ml Hemp Oil (CBD-A) tincture, produced from the labs of Life-Patent, while listening to the best-ever weed-inspired tune, “Sensimilla,” at stoopidorganics.com.The post Smart Move first appeared on Sensi Michigan Magazine .