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Smoking Moon Rocks Challenge | Cannabis Games | Lansing

Smoking Moon rocks is a relatively new term when it comes to medical marijuana consumption. Typically moon rocks were designed for recreational weed smoking. But now smoking moon rocks may be considered a new medical marijuana treasure. In this post, you will find the video of 3 stoners smoking 3 moon rocks in this week’s challenge.

For those that have never heard of moon rocks, they are are nugs of flower that have been covered in a sticky concentrate, then rolled in kief. It’s a product type that is seen as more potent than standard flower and more affordable than concentrates. Below is a video of 3 channabis champions smoking not 1, but 3 moon rocks in this weeks challenge.

Who can smoke 3 moon rocks?!?!










A moon rock delivers everything a cannabis lover could want, in a highly concentrated form. Expect a deliciously overwhelming aroma of hash. The presence of oil (or shatter) which is soaked generously into the bud ensures the whole moon rock sizzles away in a smog of THC goodness.

The high hits you immediately with one of those rare ‘what am I doing’ feelings. Most people probably inhale several times their usual amount of THC, especially as they suck furiously on the bong to capture every last bit of the moon rock smoke.

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One of the more usual ways to smoke a moon rock is to break one into a bong and prepare for a truly epic bong rip of lunar proportions. The moon rock will keep burning for longer than expected thanks to the extra oil present inside it.

A single chunk of moon rock can often be enough for several people to fill their lungs. Trying to grind up a Moon Rock to use in a joint can be sticky and messy work. If you have a vaporiser, try breaking small chunks of moon rock into it and start at low temperatures to encourage a slow release of the vapors. But be warned, even experienced stoners have been overwhelmed after trying Moon Rocks.