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Lighthouse Cannabis Provisioning Center

Traverse City, Michigan – In a bizarre turn of events, the old lighthouse on the coast of Lake Michigan has been transformed into a magical cannabis dispensary run by none other than fairy tale creatures.

According to sources, the lighthouse was purchased by a group of mischievous fairies who had been looking to expand their business ventures beyond the usual leprechaun gold hoarding and tooth fairy tooth collecting.

The transformation of the lighthouse was nothing short of miraculous. The once dilapidated structure is now a beacon of green and purple, radiating an otherworldly glow that can be seen for miles around.

Inside, customers are greeted by a host of fairy tale creatures who have come out of retirement to work in the cannabis industry. There’s the Three Little Pigs, who have ditched their bricklaying business to become budtenders. Goldilocks is now in charge of quality control, making sure each strain is “just right.” And of course, the Big Bad Wolf is the head of security, ensuring that no one messes with their stash.

Despite initial concerns about the legality of a magical cannabis dispensary, the fairies have assured authorities that their products are fully compliant with state regulations. They even have a special strain named after Traverse City’s beloved Cherry Festival, appropriately named “Cherry Bomb.”

The community has been buzzing with excitement about the new business venture, with locals and tourists alike flocking to the lighthouse to get their hands on some of the enchanted herb. Many have reported feeling a sense of magic and wonder after consuming the fairies’ products.

The fairies have big plans for the future, including expanding their product line to include edibles and concentrates and even opening up a “fairy garden” where customers can smoke their purchases surrounded by mystical flora and fauna.

Only time will tell what other wondrous transformations the fairies have in store for the lighthouse, but for now, Traverse City can rest assured that their cannabis needs are in very capable, albeit fantastical, hands.


Lighthouse Cannabis Provisioning Center
704 South Garfield Ave
Traverse City Michigan 49686
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