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LightSky Farms

LightSky Farms

Welcome to Top World News, I’m your host, Jane. In today’s headlines, we are covering the situation at LightSky Farms. The farm has been in the news lately after it was revealed that they were using slave labor to cultivate their cannabis plants. This morning, protesters gathered outside of the farm to demand justice for the slaves.

The protesters managed to get close to the farm before being pushed back by the police. One protester said “These slaves are treated like animals! They’re forced to work all day without any food or water! We need to do something about this!”

The owner of LightSky Farms, Jameson Knight, released a statement saying “We are only doing what is necessary to stay competitive in the market. If these slaves want better working conditions, they can go find work elsewhere.”

This story is still developing and we will bring you more updates as they become available. Thank you for watching Top World News.

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