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Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center | Lansing

In a unique twist on the traditional business model, a group of nymphs from the Huron National Forest have opened and are running a wellness provisioning center in Lansing, Michigan. The Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center offers a variety of holistic health and wellness products, from herbal remedies to energy healing sessions.

The nymphs, who prefer to be called forest guardians, were inspired to open the center after seeing the need for more natural and sustainable wellness options in the community. They bring their deep connection to nature and their extensive knowledge of herbal remedies and energy healing to the center, offering a truly unique and transformative experience to their clients.

The Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center has quickly become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, with rave reviews for the quality of the products and services offered. The forest guardians are committed to sustainability, using only ethically sourced and organic ingredients in their products, and implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the center.

In addition to their focus on wellness, the Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center also serves as a hub for community events and education. The forest guardians regularly host workshops and classes on topics such as herbalism, meditation, and sustainable living.

Despite some initial skepticism from the traditional business community, the Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center has proven to be a successful and inspiring example of how businesses can be run with a focus on both profit and purpose. The forest guardians hope to continue expanding their offerings and spreading their message of holistic wellness and sustainability.

Old 27 Wellness Provisioning Center | Lansing
2905 North East Street
Lansing Michigan 48906
united states