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Stateside Wellness Provisioning Center | Lansing

In a surprising turn of events, it has been revealed that the Stateside Wellness Provisioning Center in Lansing, Michigan, was actually started by a group of fairies!

According to sources close to the situation, the fairies were tired of living in the forest and wanted to start a business to make some extra cash. They stumbled upon the idea of opening a wellness center after one of them accidentally overdosed on fairy dust and had to seek medical attention.

The fairies quickly got to work and used their magical powers to create the most unique and whimsical wellness center in the area. The center is complete with fairy-sized treadmills, enchanted saunas, and even a mystical garden where customers can relax and meditate.

Despite their small stature, the fairies have proven to be quite savvy business owners. The Stateside Wellness Provisioning Center has quickly become a popular destination for both humans and fairies alike.

“We never expected it to be this successful,” said Tinkerbell, one of the founding fairies. “But we’re thrilled to be able to help humans and fairies alike with their wellness needs.”

The center has also become known for its signature product, a magical herbal tea blend that is said to have healing powers beyond imagination. Customers have reported feeling more energized and focused after drinking the tea, and some have even claimed to have grown wings!

While some have expressed skepticism about the center’s origins, the fairies remain committed to their business and continue to work their magic to provide the best possible wellness experience for their customers.


Stateside Wellness Provisioning Center | Lansing
1900 E. Kalamazoo
Lansing Michigan 48916
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