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Although recent rains have relieved some gardeners from their watering chores, the respite is sure to be temporary. Seasonal thunderstorms may deluge some gardens with water while other areas, even those nearby, may stay reasonably dry.

Most garden plants will need 1-1.5 inches of water per week to maintain healthy leaves, flowers, and fruit. However, when Mother Nature does not provide enough H20, it’s up to us to supply the rest. Not too little, not too much, but just right!

That is where Rocket Foam comes in. This revolutionary substrate takes all the guesswork out of creating the perfect growing environment for your plants. Thanks to its neutral pH, perfect air-water ratio, and unprecedented capillary action.

Rocket Foam sample

Rocket Foam allows you to effortlessly deliver to your plants the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive and boost your yield while saving you almost 40% in water usage.

Save Money and water by switching to Rocket Foam!

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Rocket Foam sample

It is also possible to kill your plants with kindness. Overwatering occurs when soil is kept too wet for too long, forcing valuable oxygen out of the soil. Oxygen is just as crucial to plant health as water. When heavy rains fall or thorough irrigation is applied, don’t water again until the soil begins to dry. While you don’t want the soil to become so dry that plants begin to wilt, it is important to allow air to occupy some of the pore spaces in the soil between watering.

It’s no secret that the team at The Grow Show has knowledgeable about plants and gardening. But what you may not know is that we also carry a large selection of in-stock nutrients, growing media, and gardening supplies. Plus, we have large quantities of each on hand so you can pick them up conveniently yourself, or have them delivered right to your door. And as always, premium free swag for all in-store customers!

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The Grow Show | Gardening Store | Mushroom Kits | Discount Code
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