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USDA Organic Hemp CBD Oil that is Grown and processed in the USA.


We are proud to announce that we are the first

national hemp CBD brand Certified Organic by the USDA for US Grown Hemp!

At RE Botanicals we are committed to organic and regenerative agriculture, and all of our products are USDA certified organic. We start with organically grown hemp which helps maintain healthy soil biology and is climate-friendly by sequestering carbon in the soil. Then we blend the full-spectrum organic hemp with organic botanicals and organic MCT coconut oil.

RE Botanicals is committed to shifting today’s chemical agricultural practices to more organic and regenerative farming methods. While not well-known due to hemp’s “wild west” culture, hemp removes nutrients such as nitrogen from soils.

RE Botanicals’ organic hemp is farmed using crop rotations such as clover or alfalfa which improves soil health and fertility. Whereas the vast majority of today’s hemp farming utilizes synthetic chemical fertilizers made from fracked natural gas and are a leading cause of climate change and ocean die off in the gulf of Mexico. Hemp CBD shoppers can literally vote with their dollars for the type of future they want for their children and families.


Our Hemp Classic has a beautiful light golden color and a pure Hemp flavor. The only ingredients you’ll find in our Hemp Classic products are U.S-grown, USDA certified-organic hemp and certified-organic MCT coconut oil.

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