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9 practical Uses For Used Bong Water ( 1 Bonus Tip)

Hey everyone, this is the TOP News with some more solid advice.  We all have heard about the tragic shortages of water, so we came up with 9 practical uses for your old used bong water.  The TOP News team has been scrambling to research a variety of conservation ideas for your used bong water.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ew, gross!”  But trust me, there are some great ways to put that sludgy water to use.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Fertilize your plants: Bongwater is packed with nutrients that your plants will love. So next time you’re about to dump out your bong water, think twice and pour it on your flowers or vegetables instead!

2. Make a weed killer: If you don’t have any glyphosate handy, bong water can also be used as a weed killer substitute. The best part is that bong water does not cause cancer as a side effect!

3: Natural Perfume: Put your bong water in a spritzer bottle and use as you would some nice french perfume. They’ll love the flowery familiar aroma from the burnt cannabis residue and fermenting ash.

4: Unclogging drains:  If you’ve got a clogged sink, pour in some bong water and see if that clears things up.

5: It makes a great all-purpose cleaner. Spray it on countertops, windowsills, or anywhere else that needs a good scrubbing.

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6: Anti-Freezing Particulates: Keep your car windows frost-free in the winter by spraying them with bong water first.

7: Composting: Add it to your compost pile to help break down organic matter faster.

8: Natural “goo-gone”: It’s also great for removing stickers and labels from jars – just soak the offending item in bong water for a few minutes and they’ll come right off.

9: Uninvited guests: If your inlaws just pop in and never know when to leave, pour them a glass of bong water. If they are alcoholics, make them a dirty martini using bong water and they will probably leave within 2- 10 minutes depending on how stubborn they are.

Bonus tip:

If you are out of weed and you really need to get high try drinking your used bong water. We are not promising anything but you might get a buzz from this highly THC-infused delight!

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