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Welcome to our creative writing news report platform, where we are passionate about promoting and supporting pro-cannabis businesses of all kinds. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the cannabis industry and its diverse offerings. Our mission is to provide visibility and opportunities for cannabis businesses, ensuring their success and growth in a rapidly evolving market.

At our platform, we believe in the power of creative storytelling to capture the essence and impact of the cannabis industry. Our team of talented writers, journalists, and content creators craft compelling news reports that not only inform but also entertain and inspire our readers. Through our engaging articles, we aim to showcase the unique stories behind cannabis businesses and their valuable contributions to the industry.

We are committed to nurturing a supportive community that connects cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and consumers. By fostering meaningful connections and dialogue, we strive to create an environment that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth. Our platform serves as a hub for industry news, insights, and thought-provoking discussions that shape the future of cannabis.

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Join us on our mission to promote and uplift the pro-cannabis business community. We invite cannabis businesses to take advantage of our platform’s resources, including our interactive map and advertising partnership with TOP WORLD NEWS 420 TABLOIDS. Together, let’s drive the success and growth of the cannabis industry, one story at a time.

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Game #1

Mystery Discount with Men in Black

Objective: To engage customers and provide them with a fun and interactive way to discover discounts on a specific brand at a retailer.

Game Setup:

  • Character Design: Hire an actor or staff member to dress up as a “Men in Black” agent, complete with sunglasses and a sleek suit.
  • Promotional Period: Decide on a specific date and time for the game, which could be part of a special event or promotion.


  • Clue Distribution: The “Men in Black” character will stand outside the retailer’s entrance, holding a briefcase. Inside the briefcase, there are envelopes, each containing a clue.
  • Customer Interaction: As customers enter the store or pass by, the “Men in Black” character will approach them and offer them an envelope with a clue. Each envelope should have a unique clue.
  • Clue Deciphering: Customers open the envelope and read the clue. The clue should be a playful and cryptic message related to the brand on discount. For example: “To unlock the secrets of savings, follow the stars to the top floor.”
  • Brand Exploration: Customers must decipher the clue to figure out which brand the clue refers to and then go to the specified location (e.g., top floor) within the retailer.
  • Discount Discovery: At the specified location, customers will find a special display or area dedicated to the discounted brand. Here, they can enjoy a discount on selected items.
  • Rewards: Customers who successfully discover the discount can make their purchases at the discounted price. Additionally, you can offer small incentives like branded merchandise or store credits to those who participate.


  • Pre-Event Hype: Promote the Mystery Discount game through your store’s social media channels, website, and email newsletters to create anticipation.
  • Live Updates: During the event, share live updates on social media, including photos and videos of customers deciphering clues and discovering discounts. This will encourage more people to join in.
  • Prizes: Consider offering a grand prize for the first customer to solve all the clues and find all the discounts.


  • Customer Engagement: The game makes shopping fun and interactive, leading to increased foot traffic and customer engagement.
  • Brand Awareness: It promotes the featured brand and creates a memorable shopping experience.
  • Social Media Buzz: Live updates and customer participation can generate social media buzz, increasing brand visibility.
  • Sales Boost: Discounts and incentives can lead to increased sales during the event.
  • Customer Loyalty: Customers who participate may develop a sense of loyalty to your store for providing such a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Remember to tailor the game and clues to suit your specific retailer and target audience. The “Mystery Discount with Men in Black” game is a creative way to promote a brand while making shopping exciting and memorable for your customers.

Game #2

Alien Hunt: Discount Extravaganza

Objective: To engage customers in a unique shopping experience by having them search for hidden alien figures to unlock discounts on various brands at a retailer.

Game Setup:

  • Character Design: As in the previous game, hire actors or staff members to dress up as “Men in Black” agents.
  • Promotional Period: Choose a specific date and time for the game, which could coincide with a special event or promotion.


  • Alien Figures: Place small alien figures or plush toys throughout the store. These should be well-hidden but still visible to observant customers.
  • Clue Cards: Provide each customer with a clue card as they enter the store. This card should contain a riddle or hint related to the location of one of the hidden alien figures.
  • Alien Hunt: Customers must decipher the clue and search for the hidden alien figure. Once they find one, they can collect it and bring it to a designated Men in Black checkpoint.
  • Discount Activation: At the checkpoint, the Men in Black characters will verify the customer’s find and activate a discount on a brand of their choice. The discount can vary in value depending on the difficulty of the clue.
  • Multiple Rounds: You can have multiple rounds of clues and alien figures hidden throughout the store to encourage customers to explore different sections.
  • Rewards: Customers can enjoy their discounts on selected items from the chosen brand and receive a stamp on their clue card as proof of participation. Collecting a certain number of stamps could make them eligible for a special prize or discount.


  • Pre-Event Teasers: Build excitement by teasing the event on social media and your store’s marketing materials.
  • Live Updates: Share live updates during the event, showcasing customers finding hidden aliens and enjoying their discounts.
  • Prizes: Consider offering a grand prize for customers who find all the hidden aliens and collect all the stamps on their clue card.


  • Interactive Shopping: The game encourages customers to explore your store and discover hidden treasures.
  • Brand Exposure: Multiple brands can benefit from this game as customers choose which brands to use their discounts on.
  • Social Media Engagement: Share customer experiences on social media to generate buzz and attract more participants.
  • Sales Boost: Discounts and incentives can drive sales during the event and potentially lead to repeat business.
  • Customer Fun: Customers will remember this unique shopping experience, enhancing their loyalty to your store.

The “Alien Hunt: Discount Extravaganza” game adds an element of excitement and adventure to the shopping experience, making it an enjoyable and memorable event for your customers.

Club Game #3

Time Traveler’s Savings Quest

Objective: To engage customers in an exciting shopping adventure as they travel through different “time periods” to find hidden clues and unlock discounts on various brands at your retailer.

Game Setup:

  • Themed Areas: Divide your store into several themed areas, each representing a different time period (e.g., Ancient Egypt, Roaring ’20s, Future Tech).
  • Character Design: Recruit staff members or actors to dress up as “Time Traveler Guides” who will assist customers in their quest.
  • Promotional Period: Choose a specific date and time for the game, possibly during a special event or promotion.


  • Map and Clues: Provide customers with a map of the store, marking the themed areas. Each customer receives a clue related to one of the themed areas.
  • Time Travel: Customers must decipher the clue and travel to the corresponding themed area to find hidden artifacts or objects related to that time period.
  • Clue Activation: In each themed area, the Time Traveler Guides will be present to validate that the customer has found the correct item. Once validated, customers receive a special code or token.
  • Discount Redemption: Customers can use the codes or tokens they’ve collected to unlock discounts on specific brands, corresponding to the time periods they’ve visited.
  • Grand Finale: To encourage participation, have a “Grand Finale” where customers can gather and exchange their codes/tokens for additional prizes or discounts.


  • Pre-Event Hype: Build anticipation by promoting the Time Traveler’s Savings Quest through your store’s social media, website, and email newsletters.
  • Live Updates: Share live updates during the event, showcasing customers’ journeys through time and their discoveries.
  • Prizes: Offer special prizes or discounts for customers who successfully complete their “time travel” quest.


  • Immersive Experience: Customers will enjoy an immersive and adventurous shopping experience.
  • Brand Variety: Different brands can benefit from this game as customers unlock discounts across various time periods.
  • Social Media Buzz: Live updates and customer experiences can generate buzz on social media, attracting more participants.
  • Sales Boost: Discounts and incentives can lead to increased sales during the event.
  • Customer Engagement: The game encourages customers to explore your store, interact with themed areas, and make memorable experiences.

The “Time Traveler’s Savings Quest” offers an exciting and immersive shopping adventure that combines fun with savings, making it a memorable and enjoyable event for your customers.

Clue ideas

Print slips to hand out

  • “Navigate the Nebula of Denim Dreams, where stars align in shades of blue.”
    • Clue Location: Denim section of the store.
    • Discount Brand: A denim apparel brand.
  • “In the Shadows of the Hat Jungle, the aliens hide behind feathered crowns.”
    • Clue Location: Hat and accessories section.
    • Discount Brand: A brand known for stylish hats and accessories.
  • “Seek the Cosmic Energy Elixir, bottled in ancient eldertrees.”
    • Clue Location: Health and wellness products section.
    • Discount Brand: A brand offering herbal or natural health products.
  • “Unlock the Time Capsule, where the future meets the past in shimmering metal.”
    • Clue Location: Electronics and gadgets section.
    • Discount Brand: A tech or futuristic gadgets brand.
  • “The Extraterrestrial Elegance can be found where crystals cast their radiant glow.”
    • Clue Location: Jewelry and accessories section.
    • Discount Brand: A brand offering elegant jewelry with crystals or gemstones.

These secret phrases add an element of mystery and adventure to the Men in Black Alien Game, making it more engaging and enjoyable for participants as they decipher the clues and hunt for discounts.