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Gingerbread Hag Lurking Outside Cannabis Dispensaries

Deep in the heart of the forest, there was a gingerbread hag who was known to have lived for centuries. Her origins were a mystery, but many believed she had once been a baker who sold her soul to the devil for eternal life. She was feared by many, for it was said that those who crossed her path would meet a terrible fate.

For years, the hag had kept to herself, living in a gingerbread house in the heart of the forest. But lately, there were rumors that she had been seen lurking outside a cannabis dispensary on the outskirts of town.

Gingerbread Hag

People whispered that she was there to buy weed, but no one knew for sure. Some believed she was using it to concoct a new potion, while others thought she might be using it to ease her aches and pains. But no one dared to approach her to ask.

One day, a brave young man decided to confront the gingerbread hag. He approached her as she was leaving the dispensary and asked her what she was doing there. The hag cackled and replied with a riddle:

“I am the keeper of the forest, the queen of the night, I wonder where the trees are thick and the shadows are bright. I seek the herb that heals, that brings calm and peace, For even witches need a little rest and release.”

Gingerbread Hag

The young man was puzzled by her answer, but he sensed that there was more to the hag than met the eye. He decided to follow her back to her gingerbread house and see if he could learn more.

As he crept closer to the house, he heard strange sounds coming from within. It sounded like chanting, and he could smell a strange aroma in the air. He peered through a crack in the door and saw the gingerbread hag, surrounded by other witches, all chanting and stirring a cauldron.

The hag turned to him and said, “You have come far, my brave young man, but now you must answer my riddle if you wish to learn more.”

She continued:

“I am the keeper of the secrets, the guardian of the old, My magic is ancient, my powers untold. I seek the herb that brings visions, that opens the mind, For even witches need a little inspiration to find.”

The young man thought for a moment and then replied, “You seek the herb of wisdom, the sacred herb of the wise, The herb that unlocks the secrets and opens up the skies.”

The gingerbread hag nodded and smiled, impressed by his answer. She then invited him in to join the other witches in their ritual, and he spent the night learning their ways and hearing their stories.

From that day on, the gingerbread hag was no longer feared by the people of the town. They knew that she was a wise woman, a keeper of ancient secrets, and a guardian of the forest. And whenever they passed by her gingerbread house, they would tip their hats and greet her with a smile, knowing that she was no longer a mysterious and dangerous figure, but a source of wisdom and inspiration for all who sought her out.