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ALIENS MAKING DEPOSITS IN OUR SPERM BANKS! Allie Pruitt Reports | Weekly World News

BONN, GERMANY — Cagey Gootans are making donations to hundreds of unsuspecting sperm banks here on Earth. It’s a sinister scheme to conquer our planet without ever firing a shot!

That chilling revelation was made by famed physicist and UFO researcher Dr. Gerhard Dietzer. He says that, “the evil Gootans hope to infiltrate our population”. Eventually, they want to wipe out the entire human race — by breeding with Earthlings every chance they get.smoke weed everyday

“They want our planet for themselves. But they’re intelligent enough not to wage a war that would destroy everything the Earth has to offer,” Dr. Dietzer told a conference on intergalactic travel.

“So they plan to take over by mixing their genes with ours. They will do this until we Earthlings eventually disappear from our own planet. Their goal is to have the whole place populated by aliens, specifically The Gootans.

“There has been so much interbreeding already that it’s almost impossible to know whether your neighbor, or the person sitting at the next desk, is a pureblood Earthling, part Earthling, and part extraterrestrial, or a pureblood extraterrestrial.”


These shifty Gootans are making donations to sperm banks in America, Europe, and Asia. It’s all part of their weasely scheme, according to another Swiss 8 THC for sale

“Their ability to assume a humanoid appearance and humanoid mannerisms has made it possible for them to actually marry and breed with Earthlings,” the Swiss scientist said.

“But for the past three years, they’ve been making massive contributions to our sperm banks to speed the process along. They consider these donations a key part of their grand design.

“Again, their talent for blending in with general populations makes it easy for them. They are able to create the necessary credentials and pass off their sperm as human sperm. It’s highly likely that thousands of sperm bank moms on Earth are actually cuddling little alien babies to their breasts.”

Dr. Dietzer, who claims to have been in contact with visitors from Planet Gootan for more than two decades, says the crafty creatures believe they can control our planet completely within a hundred years.

“To us, a hundred years may seem like a long time, but to these guys it’s like the bling of an eye,” he said.

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