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Eerie Clouds Ominously Over Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center

Ann Arbor Locals Spot Spirit like Clouds Flowing Out Provisioning Center Causing Alarm.

It started on a sunny day. Then eerie clouds swallowed the sky. Bill Azin Reports:

This weekend, in Ann Arbor, locals were treated or tricked, depending on how you look at it, with some unexplainable eerie looking clouds that were ominously hanging over the Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center. The strange sightings were first noticed late Friday evening after the annual Avocado Peel n’ Eat competition wrapped up. While most of the crowd headed to Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger on the other side of Ann Arbor, others headed east, back across the bridge to go home.

 Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center | Ann Arbor

Zane Portsmouth was the first person to notice this strange yet mesmerizing phenomenon. When we approached him for a comment, he had this to say: “Yeah, I have no idea what in tarnation I was looking at. I was arguing with the Mrs. She was harping on me to turn around to head back into town to get some a milkshake, but I was like, “baby I just ate 42 avocados I need to get to a bathroom”.  She knows I have irritable bowel syndrome and prefer to use my own throne if you know what I mean, but before I knew it, I had to go!

I pulled into the plaza here at Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center, I jumped out of the car and started to run inside to use the facility and that’s when I saw it. Right above the Ann Arbor side, a bunch of clouds that looked like ghosts! Or maybe they were ghosts that looked like clouds? I don’t know. As a matter of fact, if my wife wouldn’t have said she saw them too, I would have just assumed that I had eaten too many avocados again and I was starting to hallucinate like last year.”

Mr. Portsmouth and his wife weren’t the only people to see the ghostly sighting. Others on their way to the Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center were instantly surprised to see the spectacle. From late Friday evening to the early hours of the morning, reporters and locals gathered in the parking lot here in Ann Arbor to try and make sense of the apparent apparitions. Some claimed that it was low hanging clouds, while others insisted they were ghosts from the other side. Local high school chemistry teacher and hobby scientist Terry Roebuck had this to say about the phenomenon.

“I have no idea what the heck it is.”

cloud cannabis provisioning center

Saturday morning, at promptly 3:33 AM, the clouds or ghosts as some were calling them, disappeared. Everyone chalked it up as a strange occurrence and went about their business, but to their surprise, the clouds were back again at the same time the following night! Right there at the Cloud Cannabis Provisioning Center.

We were able to catch up with Ann Arbors oldest living resident Mable Eustice Greeneway, who just turned 112, and we asked her if this was the strangest thing she’d ever seen and she had this to say: “Yup.”

We will be sure to run updates if there are any further developments to this story.