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Ghouls Lurking Under Bridge Surround Provisioning Center in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Michigan 4:20 Am on a Tuesday

Bill Azin Reports:

Ghouls Lurking Under Bridge Surround Provisioning Center in Ann Arbor

Bloom City Club Provisioning Center located in the Bach Neighborhood in Ann Arbor with its porch swings and bountiful front-yard flower gardens, the homes of the city’s Old West Side–just a short walk from downtown–welcome passersby to the heart of the Bach Elementary area, which boasts 13 historic districts within its borders. Most homes are small Victorians originally built by 19th-century German workmen. Many have been painstakingly restored, now only to be infiltrated by dead flesh-eating ghouls.

Bloom City Club Provisioning Center

Ghoul (Arabic: غول‎, ghūl) is a demon-like being or monstrous humanoid originating in pre-Islamic Arabian religion,[1] associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monster. So what are they doing at Bloom City Club Provisioning Center?!?!?

Bloom City Club Provisioning Center

By extension, the word ghoul is also used in a derogatory sense to refer to a person who delights in the macabre or whose profession is linked directly to death, such as a gravedigger or graverobber.[2]

Ghoul is from the Arabic غُول ghūl, from غَالَ ghāla, “to seize”.[3] In Arabic, the term is also sometimes used to describe a greedy or gluttonous individual. Maybe this is what the glutton becomes after death or while still alive?

Bloom City Club Provisioning Center

In Arabic folklore, the ghul is said to dwell in cemeteries and other uninhabited places. This is why we cannot understand why they are inhabiting Bloom City Provisioning Center. One passerby stated that maybe they thought this was where the macabre was going down”.?

A good theory as we do know that ghouls love to dance.


Bloom City Club Provisioning Center

Bloom City Club Provisioning Center staff claim that a male ghoul is referred to as ghul while a female is called ghulah.[6] A source identified the Arabic ghoul as a female creature who is sometimes called Mother Ghoul (ʾUmm Ghulah) or a relational term such as Aunt Ghoul.[7] She is portrayed in many tales luring hapless characters, who are usually men, into her home where she can eat them.[7]  

As to why they have come to Bloom City Provisioning Center, maybe we will never know, or maybe there will be a follow-up story! Visit Bloom City Clubs Website 


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