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Fluresh Provisioning Center The Genesis Of New Age Cult?

It was in the early days of the Fluresh Provisioning Center when signs of a cult-like following might be forming. The cannabis industry was in its infancy though, and no one quite knew what to make of it. Some saw dispensaries as a way to help people with chronic illnesses. Others saw them as a way to get high without having to buy weed on the street. As retailers began to pop up all over town Fluresh Provisioning Center has developed a cult-like following.

fluresh provisioning center

Many of Fluresh Provisioning Centers’ customers have turned into cult-like members of the cannabis brand.  Oftentimes the customers are going to the store every day, and at some point start feeling like a regular and eventually think they have become a member.  The budtenders give good efforts to remember customers’ names, and that makes them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Fluresh Provisioning Center

Over months they become self-proclaimed “members”. one budtender remarked.  This trend really picked up when we added our loyalty card program. The local population has exploded in Grand Rapids and most of the new residents are going to Fluresh Provisioning Center very religiously. New members claim to “feel a sense of self-ownership and vested interest in the brand’s popularity and success.

fluresh cannabis

Quite naturally the cannabis store has created its own clergy in the form of cannabis influencers. The neo-cult leaders are cannabis brand ambassadors spending their time showing off their products and recruiting new members through social media.

Fluresh Cannabis has achieved a unique connection with customers and is able to create a consumer cult-like culture that people want to be a part of.

fluresh provisioning center

When the group’s leaders met together on the Fluresh Farms a grand vision began to take place and they were convinced that cannabis could bring about a new era of peace and enlightenment. They were determined to use the sanctuary-like storefront in Grand Rapids as their base of operations.

They started by recruiting members from within the community. They promised enlightenment and spiritual growth, and many people were drawn to the powers of their deity cannabis.

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