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Meteoric Marvel: East Jesus, A Celestial Oasis in Slab City

Embark on a Celestial Journey:

Witness the cosmic convergence of art, sustainability, and community at East Jesus in the heart of Slab City, California. This otherworldly oasis, founded by the visionary Charlie Russell in 2006, is more than an art installation; it’s a meteoric marvel drawing creative souls from all corners of the globe.

Sustainable Constellations:

Explore the sprawling 30-acre canvas where large-scale art meets sustainable living. East Jesus, a beacon of innovation, charges no admission, relying solely on small donations to fund its mission. The Chasterus Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, oversees this celestial haven, ensuring the preservation of Russell’s dream and inspiring a world without waste.

Artistic Aurora Every Sunday:

On Sundays, the landscape transforms into a vibrant spectacle as artists and volunteers converge, shaping a utopia of creativity. YouTube channels worldwide capture the brilliance of this unique place, highlighting the artistic renaissance and sustainable initiatives that echo like cosmic vibrations.

Celestial Community Engagement:

Beyond the cosmic artistry, East Jesus is a haven for community building. The Slab City community embraces the influx of tourists and celebrates the volunteers actively contributing to the betterment of society. Every artistic stroke and act of kindness creates a celestial symphony, fostering a brighter future for all.

Guided by Stellar Principles:

“Do as thou wilt” and “do no harm” are the guiding stars steering East Jesus. Positioned less than a mile from the iconic Salvation Mountain, it thrives off-grid, showcasing the potential for a world without waste amidst the celestial expanse.

Beyond Earthly Boundaries:

East Jesus transcends earthly conventions, providing refuge for artists, musicians, and free-thinkers. The Chasterus Foundation’s commitment to “Re-use Before Recycle” projects echoes a celestial harmony of sustainability, inspiring global communities to embrace the synergy of art and technology.

Zero History, Endless Possibilities:

Remote, yet interconnected, East Jesus stands at the crossroads of high concept and low technology, low culture and high art. It’s a celestial performance space where discarded materials find new life, and emergent possibilities flourish like stars in the night sky.

Celestial Oasis, Beyond Skylines:

East Jesus is not just a location; it’s a celestial waypoint, guiding dreamers, schemers, and doers toward a brighter future. As the sun sets over the dried riverbed and spent shells, East Jesus remains a testament to the infinite creativity and resilience of the human spirit—an artistic constellation in the vast cosmic tapestry.

East Jesus in Slab City, California: A World of Art, Sustainability, and Community

Nestled in the heart of Slab City, California, East Jesus has become a beacon for artists, free-thinkers, and adventurers from around the globe. Every Sunday, the barren landscape comes alive as artistic souls flock to this experimental, sustainable, and habitable art installation that defies conventional boundaries.

East Jesus, founded by Charlie Russell in 2006, spans 30 acres and stands as a testament to large-scale art and creative reuse. With no admission fees, it draws thousands of visitors weekly, contributing to the vibrant tourism scene. YouTube channels globally have turned their lens toward this unique place, documenting the boundless creativity and sustainability initiatives that echo worldwide.

What sets East Jesus apart is its commitment to fostering a sense of community and giving back. Every Sunday, artistic minds converge on the mountain, contributing their skills to the ongoing works of reclaimed materials. The Slab City community is not only grateful for the influx of tourists but also for the volunteers who actively assist the needy, shaping a brighter future for all.

E Jesus Rd, Slab City, CA 92257


Founded as an art installation by Charlie Russell, East Jesus is not just a museum but a living, breathing canvas for large-scale works using reclaimed materials. The Chasterus Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, ensures the preservation of Russell’s vision, making East Jesus a hub for creativity and sustainable living.

“Do as thou wilt” and “do no harm” are the guiding principles that drive East Jesus. It stands less than a mile past the iconic Salvation Mountain, and its name, a colloquialism for the middle of nowhere, reflects its remote location. Despite the lack of municipal utilities, the facility operates off-grid, showcasing the potential for a world without waste.

East Jesus provides refuge for artists, musicians, writers, and more, fostering an improvised community at the edge of the world. The Chasterus Foundation actively engages in creative re-use explorations, extending their vision from artistic re-imagining to “Re-use Before Recycle” initiatives, ensuring the maximum benefit of discarded resources.

The Chasterus Foundation’s experimentation extends beyond art into sustainable living practices. From composting food waste to wood gasification, they explore ways to reduce consumption of scarce resources. By creating a system that synergizes art and technology, they hope to inspire communities worldwide to embrace creativity and sustainable practices.


Remote but not isolated, East Jesus thrives at the crossroads of high concept and low technology, low culture and high art. It’s a place where discarded materials are reborn, and the emergent and near-extinct find a platform. From artists and musicians to inventors and travelers, East Jesus is a vibrant performance space and a haven for those continuously remaking the world around them.

East Jesus is not just a place; it’s a waypoint between cities, careers, and love lives. A secret oasis beyond the edge of the pavement, it welcomes the bold thinkers, schemers, dreamers, and doers who seek to redefine what’s possible. As the sun sets over the dried river and spent shells, East Jesus stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and resilience of the human spirit.

East Jesus Rd,ty Slab Ci, CA 92257