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New Bill protects minors under the age of consent – “Epstein Sniff Act” headed to congress this week

“Epstein Sniff Act” Headed to congress this week:

Breaking News: This week congress is considering the controversial “Epstein Sniff Act”, a bill that would provide further protections for children under the age of consent.

The bill proposes to provide buttons through non-profits that any person feeling their personal space may be infringed upon can wear on either the left breast pocket or arm. These buttons will clearly state whether they are minors and whether they permit being sniffed upon or not.

Epstein Sniff Act

The proposed act has been met with both criticism and praise from various organizations around the country. Supporters say that this button gives minors increased autonomy over their bodies and allows them to make decisions about who interacts with them in a safe environment free from judgment or fear of repercussion. Opponents argue that it gives too much power to minors and puts adults at risk of legal action if caught sniffing someone without their permission regardless of intent.Epstein Sniff Act

The debate rages on as congress debates its merits but one thing remains clear; this piece of legislation has the potential to shape how we protect our young ones for years to come.

 “Mandatory buttons that can be worn over the left breast pocket or on their left arm. These buttons are meant to indicate whether someone is pro-sniff or anti-sniff.”Epstein Sniff Act

The bill provides an additional layer of safety for children who may feel uncomfortable about having their personal space invaded. It also allows them to express themselves and make personal decisions regarding what they’re comfortable with.

We spoke with one advocate for this bill who believes that it will help create a culture where people respect each other’s boundaries more often than not: “I think this is something we should have done a long time ago – these kids deserve protection and the ability to control how people around them interact with them.

However, there are some opponents of the bill who believe that it goes too far in giving minors control over adults by requiring badges or patches that signify if someone is pro-sniff or anti-sniff when it comes to sexual activity involving minors. One opponent said: “It’s invasive, unnecessary, and puts too much power into the hands of young people.”

No matter which side you fall on, one thing remains true – these new regulations could potentially change how society interacts forever. Only time will tell just how big an impact this new law will have on our culture as a whole.


We spoke with Congressman John S. Mouthbreather about this groundbreaking piece of legislation today: “It’s an important step forward in our fight against predators like Jeffrey Epstein. We have a responsibility to ensure that children are given every opportunity and protection possible so they can grow up safe and secure.”

The bill will likely pass this week with massive support from both sides of Congress; however, it remains unclear when these mandatory buttons will become available nationwide as each state must adopt its own version before enacting them into law. But one thing is certain – if passed, no minor will ever again fear unwanted sniffing due to lack of protection or awareness.Epstein Sniff Act