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Queen Of England Stops At High Profile Provisioning Center

An enormous crowd gathered today around High Profile Provisioning Center. All the news teams were there. They were ready for her arrival hours before she landed in Flint. The Queen heard that Flint, Michigan had become a prestigious area for family-owned cannabis farms, and being an excellent gardener she was naturally curious. The Queen was interested to check out the town and pick up a variety of strains before heading back home to Buckingham Palace.  When she landed in Flint, she demanded to be escorted immediately to the High Profile Provisioning Center. She knew that they would have something perfect for a queen.  She was sure that they will have the variety of cannabis buds that she requires.

high profile provisioning center

The Queen has high expectations for the cannabis store. As the Queen of England walked into the dispensary, she was greeted with a warm smile by the staff. many of the budtenders curtsy and bow to her majesty, while others were shocked from actually seeing the Queen up close. One of the budtenders said, “she is a lot smaller than I imagined”.

high profile provisioning center

The queen was excited to check out all their cannabis flowers and get a good sniff of each one. The Queen has an excellent sense of smell and can detect terpenes and identify each plant precisely from its origins. The Queen has been sniffing cannabis for well over 100 years now and her accuracy is always spot on. She can identify a specific strain smell and terpene profile while reciting its country of origin.

Each one of the flavors is special to me the queen said. She had never smoked marijuana before, but she loved to sniff the different scents. Each one reminded her of different memories and moments in her life.  Some of the strains smelled like simple times that she enjoyed, while others reminded her of conquests and battles that she had won. Regardless, she loved them all and couldn’t wait to try them out.

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