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Michigan Supply and Provisions | Grand Rapids

Michigan Supply and Provisions

In a surprising turn of events, the Michigan Supply and Provisions cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan has announced that it will now be run by a group of fairy tale creatures!

According to the dispensary’s spokesperson, the decision to bring on these magical creatures was made in an effort to bring some much-needed whimsy and joy to the world of cannabis.

Leading the team is none other than a seven-foot-tall, talking beanstalk who goes by the name of Jack. Jack’s expertise in plant cultivation and his impressive height make him the perfect candidate for the role.

Assisting Jack in the day-to-day operations is a trio of friendly dwarves who specialize in customer service. They may be small in stature, but their knowledge of cannabis is second to none!

And let’s not forget about the dispensary’s resident fairy, Tinkerbell, who has been tasked with ensuring that the store’s decor is as enchanting as possible. She’s already transformed the waiting room into a magical forest, complete with twinkling lights and the soothing sounds of woodland creatures.

Customers can expect a truly unique shopping experience at Michigan Supply and Provisions. In addition to the usual array of cannabis products, the dispensary will also be selling potions, spells, and other magical trinkets. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a unicorn or two roaming around the store!

While some may be skeptical of a dispensary run by fairy tale creatures, the early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. One customer described the experience as “magical” and “unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

So if you’re in the Grand Rapids area and looking for a truly one-of-a-kind cannabis dispensary experience, be sure to stop by Michigan Supply and Provisions. Who knows, you might just run into a dragon or a talking cat while you’re there!

Michigan Supply and Provisions | Grand Rapids
2741 28th St.
Grand Rapids Michigan 49546
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