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Tyson Demands Royal Council In Flint With Cannabis King Provisioning Center

When Mike Tyson arrived in his Hemp-powered Streamliner Jet late last week the whole town went berserk. There was something special going on with Tyson these days, his presence was preponderant. His vibes are different than when he was “The Champ”.  He is now the self-proclaimed “King of Cannabis”. 

Tyson’s luminescence was noticed everywhere he went, and it seemed like he projected light and radiance to all who came near him. His demeanor emanates opulence, abundance, wealth, and wisdom.  Tyson now has a very king-like presence. Everywhere he went he spoke with people with such splendor and grace. Clearly, the champ has graduated into his next phase of divine presence.

King of Cannabis Provisioning center
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In a surprising move, famed boxer Mike Tyson has demanded a royal court in Flint with the Cannabis King Provisioning Center. Mistakenly Mike did not know what a provisioning center is and thought that there was another self-proclaimed cannabis king whom he should meet and discuss royal opportunities with and the possibilities of the opening a Tyson Dispensary for medical cannabis in Flint Michigan. The move comes as a surprise because Tyson has been building his cannabis empire in Nevada and has established his kingdom in the Nevada desert growing cannabis like no one ever has.

cannabis king provisioning center

However, according to sources close to the situation, Tyson is planning to open a provisioning center in Flint and wants to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Flint has been struggling economically for years, and many see the opening of a new business as a way to boost the local economy. In addition, provisioning centers have been shown to reduce crime rates in other cities. It remains to be seen whether the city council will grant Tyson’s request, but it is clear that he is serious about bringing medical cannabis to Flint.

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