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Dr. Jekyll Returns To Central Bank for Renewal

It was a dark and stormy night, and the employees of the central bank were all huddled together in fear. The rumors had been spreading for weeks that the ghost of Dr. Jekyll was set to return on this very night.

Dr. Jekyll had been a brilliant scientist, but his experiments with potions had led him down a dark path. He had created a potion that could transform him into an evil alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. For years he had used this potion to commit heinous crimes until ultimately he had been caught and executed.

But Dr. Jekyll had left one final legacy. One hundred years ago, he had convinced the central bank to keep a secret from the public, a lie that had been upheld for a century. And now that lie was about to expire.

The employees of the bank knew that if the truth was revealed, it would cause chaos and panic throughout the city. They had no choice but to renew the lie, but they needed Dr. Jekyll’s help to do it.

As the clock struck midnight, a cold wind blew through the bank, and suddenly Dr. Jekyll appeared before them. He was surrounded by an eerie green mist, and his eyes glowed with an otherworldly light.

The employees trembled before him, but Dr. Jekyll spoke in a calm and measured tone. He agreed to help them renew the lie, but he demanded a heavy price in return.

He demanded the souls of the bank’s most corrupt employees, who had profited off the lie for their own gain. And he demanded that they be sacrificed to him on this very night.

The terrified employees had no choice but to comply. They led Dr. Jekyll to the secret vault where the lie was kept, and he began to recite an incantation in a language that none of them could understand.

Suddenly the room was filled with a blinding light, and the employees shielded their eyes. When they opened them again, they saw that the lie had been renewed, and Dr. Jekyll was nowhere to be found.

From that day forward, the central bank continued to uphold the lie, and the people of the city remained blissfully ignorant of the truth. But the employees who had made the deal with Dr. Jekyll never forgot the price they had paid, and they shuddered at the thought of the ghostly figure who still haunted the halls of the bank.

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