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Special Guest Visits Dunegrass Provisioning Center

Smokey the Bear visits Dunegrass Provisioning Center in Manistee, Michigan. 

Dunegrass Provisioning Center was thrilled to have a special visitor today – Smokey the Bear!  Smokey is well-known for his work in promoting wildfire safety. He took the time to talk with budtenders and some lucky customers who just happen to be in the store at the time about what they can do to prevent wildfires. He mentioned that 7 out of 10 joints extinguished could potentially light the forest on fire. He suggests putting your joint out on your friend’s rear end after smoking. He says that in the bear culture “we put our blunts out on each other’s rear end.” It is a symbol of bravery and a measure of wisdom.

Dunegrass Provisioning Center

He also posed for pictures and signed autographs. It was a fun and educational spontaneous event for everyone involved. Dunegrass is already looking forward to Smokey’s next visit with hopes to get something going on a regular basis.  Smokey came up to the store to get his claws on some Humblebee Live Resin because he heard that they were now only 3 for $110, and it really reminds him of honey. And he really loves honey so that caught his sniffer.  He also wanted to pick up an ounce of “Dune Grass” thinking that it was a special strain as the house brand.  James the budtender snickered a little when Smoky’s face changed from uplifted to disappointed to learn that it was only the brand name and that there was not a strain named “Dune Grass”.  Smokey a little disappointed turned to the manager and told her a tale from when he was a teenager. He went on to explain that “when I was a teenager my friends and I would wander the woods in search of plants to smoke and that one time he and his friend Fred dried some dune grass and rolled a whopper of a blunt and puffed that thing far into the evening.  It didn’t get us high but it has a good flavor and was pretty smooth, not that bad really.” 

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