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Vehicle City Social: Flint’s Premier Cannabis Club Offers Unique Entertainment and Community

Flint, Michigan – September 27, 2023 – Vehicle City Social, located at 3166 Comer St, Flint, MI, has emerged as a unique and vibrant cannabis club, offering a diverse range of activities and events for its members. Nestled in the heart of Flint, this private club has become a haven for those seeking an inclusive and cannabis-friendly social experience.

A Multifaceted Venue Vehicle City Social isn’t just your average cannabis club. It’s a versatile establishment that combines the comforts of a restaurant, lounge, and event center, all while maintaining a strict no-alcohol policy. With doors open from 9 am to 9 pm, it’s a place where members can come together to relax, socialize, and enjoy a variety of activities.

Cannabis-Friendly Atmosphere As a cannabis-friendly lounge, Vehicle City Social caters to individuals with Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) cards or valid medical cards from other states. Their outdoor courtyard provides a serene setting for games, bonfires, and live music, making it a perfect spot to unwind with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

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Entertainment and Amenities Galore This cannabis club offers an impressive array of amenities, including a full kitchen serving delectable dishes from 10 am to 7 pm daily. For the gaming enthusiast, there’s an arcade, pool tables, and dart boards. Yoga enthusiasts can attend weekly sessions every Sunday. Movie nights are elevated with recliner seating in front of a massive 13-foot-wide projection screen.

A Hub for Entertainment Vehicle City Social ensures that there’s always something exciting happening. They host weekly and monthly events, including live music and comedy shows, to keep their members entertained and engaged. The club welcomes all its members to check out their Facebook page for a full list of upcoming events.

Membership and Accessibility Becoming a part of the Vehicle City Social community is affordable, with a yearly membership fee of just $20. For those who want to test the waters, a day pass can be obtained for a mere $5.00. However, everyone entering the premises must possess either an MMMP card or a valid medical card from another state.

Vehicle City Social

Community and Appreciation Vehicle City Social values its members and regularly hosts customer appreciation days, complete with free food, raffles, and giveaways. As a token of their gratitude, they even offer free memberships to individuals who join in on these special days. It’s a testament to their commitment to fostering a tight-knit and inclusive community.

Medical Services Every Friday, Vehicle City Social offers a unique service by hosting doctor certifications. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in obtaining an MMMP card, and the best part is that you’ll receive a complimentary Vehicle City Membership with your certification.

Vehicle City Social has quickly become a cornerstone of the Flint community, offering a welcoming space for cannabis enthusiasts and those seeking a diverse range of entertainment options. With its plethora of amenities, commitment to inclusivity, and ongoing events, this cannabis club is setting the standard for a new kind of social experience in Flint, Michigan.

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