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“Concentrate Kings”

Both Medical and Recreational Menus Included!

Processing top quality flowers to perfection!

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“Concentrate Co.”

Medical Menu Only

We use cutting edge state of the art methods to ensure we keep the pungent taste and ultra purity with every strain in our final products.

30% Off Monster Medibles Gummies

Blue Raspberry
Medical Menu Only

Monster Xtracts main goal is to bring the best quality products to medical marijuana patients. We make our products with high-quality distillate, which results in faster reaction time, better taste, and more consistent effects. All of Monster Xtracts products are lab tested.

25% Off  “High Life Farms” Concentrates

Medical Menu Only


Sure, we follow the rules: Everyone in this business has to. But we don’t do things like everyone else. We set the bar higher. And hold ourselves to a tougher standard.


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Select “Dixie” Edibles

Medical Menu Only
• Citrus Blast Gummies

• Synergy 1:1 Gummies

Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, we (and others) think this award-winning gummy is the best tasting one around. Enjoy before a concert, barbecue, or anytime you’re looking for a truly tasty and consistently-dosed edible.

25% Off Select Prerolls

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• High-Level Health
 Choice Labs

We have a wide selection of prerolls to choose from!

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“Choice Labs” Capsules

Medical Menu Only

Choice Labs is a licensed grower and processor of medical AND adult recreational marijuana. We’re proud to manufacture the following brands: CHOICE, Drip Premium Cartridges, Midnight Roots, Mary’s Medicinals, Fwaygo Extracts, and Dixie.

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“Kevy” Edibles

Medical Menu Only

Kevy Bar is a gourmet Edibles company that has over twenty-five years of experience in the Cannabis/Cooking field. Our expert growers are the first step in this amazing process. With their Immense knowledge, they nurture each plant and make them the best they can be! The next stop is the processing plant where our beautiful Hemp plant is made into our high-grade distillate. Then it’s off to the kitchen, where the magic happens!

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CBD Vapor Cartridges

Earthbound Remedies
Recreational Menu Included!

Earthbound Remedies is driven by our passion for natural health care and personal wellness. Quality is at the center of our values, and we pride ourselves on using only organic, domestically grown, and lab-tested hemp extract in all of our products. Natural ingredients are consistent throughout our many offerings. As CBD users ourselves, we will not cut corners and strive to provide the healthiest and highest quality CBD products to our customers and patients.