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EZ Meds Unusual Visitor

There were gasps, screams and fear at the EZ Meds medicinal cannabis store on a quiet afternoon when Count Dracula paid an unusual visit. The tourists and locals who were shopping were startled by the pale-skinned, well-dressed man with a long cape and a sleek black walking stick as he strolled into the store to browse the products.

Some were quick to spot the signs pointing to “Bewitching Beverages,” “Wicked Wax” indicating the abundant CBD oil, and itchy thoughts crossed through various minds mumbling to stop his alleged-drinking indulgence, yet none was brave enough to speak against a sudden visit on a busy day.

Employees set aside their initial trepidation upon recognizing the Count and welcomed him with to the store. Despite some initial skepticism, they realized it was indeed Count Dracula, the legendary vampire who enjoyed long flight trips around the world.

The Count dug around the store’s shelves curiously, while the conversation of his alleged bloodsucking habits started to drown the growing curiosity of customers. Although the Count had stated he has turned his leaf as far as his habits were concerned, most were wary of his presence in a place where people needed their blood to circulate to medicate efficiently.

After taking some samples and making his purchase, Count Dracula bid the staff and customers an affable farewell heading into the sunset as emotions slowly warmed up within the store following his visit.

As word of the Count’s visit and spot opens like wildfire on social media, the cannabis dispensary lured more curious customers eager to visit the store despite any ghostlike appearances. Rolling into the weekend, the shop hosted an impromptu party at sundown to revel the ghoulish thrill that ensued. Clearly, the visit of the legendary Count Dracula would leave lasting and abiding memories for days to come.