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Planted Provisioning Center Dirty Secret

Once upon a time, in the small town of Whitmore Michigan, there existed a cannabis provisioning center by the name of Planted Provisioning Centers. The shop offered the best strains and products in the region, attracting customers from far and wide. However, something sinister lurked behind the walls of this seemingly pleasant establishment: a man-eating cannabis plant that controlled the actions of the staff.

The man-eating cannabis plant was the secret behind Planted Provisioning Center’s success. It was a massive, gnarled, clawed, and fanged monster that consumed an entire greenhouse of cannabis plants every day. The plant had been discovered by the store’s founder, who realized that with the right nourishment and care, the plant could produce the most potent strains of cannabis known to man.

But there was a catch: The staff of the store were under the control of the man-eating cannabis plant. Every time a staff member got close to the plant, it would emit a scent that would cloud the mind of the individual, and before they knew it, they fell victim to the plant’s powers. They would do anything the plant said, including walking on their hands and giant cannabis leaves, barking like a toy poodle if the plant ordered it to be done.

The customers visiting Planted Provisioning Centers noticed something off with the staff, but it never deterred them from shopping for the best cannabis products. They enjoyed the store’s carnival-like atmosphere, corny jokes, and the plant’s demands for friendship.

One day, a team of botanists entered the store and noticed the massive man-eating cannabis plant lurking in the back. They immediately recognized it as an invasive and dangerous species, determined to eradicate it before it could do any more damage.

The Planted Provisioning Center’s plant would not tolerate anyone trying to banish it from its home, so it took over the minds of the staff, turning them into its eager minions. The event resulted in a horror show that left customers gasping in fear as the staff crawled on their hands and giant leaves, with the man-eating cannabis plant barking at them like an army sergeant.

The botany team finally managed to subdue the plant, digging it out of the planet and transporting it away from civilization. The store was saved, but leaving the staff scarred for life and unable to remember the event fully. Planted Provisioning Centers learned an important lesson, becoming more responsible and careful with invasive species of plants. They also managed to screen potential hires, sifting out anyone susceptible to persuasive plant talk.

In the end, the store continued in business, offering the best strains and products from their more controlled gardens, while taking care not to let their power get too out of hand. And as for the man-eating cannabis plant? Who knows if it found another unsuspecting provisioning center or if it rots in oblivion, lacking its former thriving power.