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6 Sativa is what you think, but there is more behind the meaning

Sativa is the jet fuel of the cannabis world. Stoners know that they can get to work on time and perform with superhuman strength and focus with the superpowers of  Sativa. Sativa is known for activating while engaging the mind and body by conforming to commands of the will. Stoners have long used this kind of alchemy without consciousness to understand that they are using an alchemical process to summon the command of the will or someone’s will (but that’s another story for another time:).  Intuitively stoners know that with a dab of Sativa mixed with intentions any stoner can move mountains for upwards of 4 to 6 hours. A good Sativa buzz can make a shift go by with harmony and ease and the implications of this are revolutionary. 

“Sativa has been a buzzword in the news lately, but very few people truly understand where this sacred plant derives its meaning or how such golden nuggets could be applied to one’s life amplifying one’s existence further than originally imagined.” – Bill Azin

As humanity wakes up, some come to understand what Sativa truly beholds. While others will find the nuggets of wisdom that this sacred plant brings to mankind as they are revealed. We will find that by peeling back the layers of meaning we can reveal its application to our lives and well-being.  Sativa is actually derived from Latin botanical adjectives meaning “cultivated”. It is often associated with plants that promote good health and are used to designate certain seed-grown domestic crops.

Taking the concept of “cultivated” into the further examination with application to one’s life we find that Sativa and Cultivated would be closely associated with consciously grooming the mind, body, and spirit to its highest purpose.

Understanding the meaning of the word “Sativa” as “Cultivated” is not only stylish by definition it’s a clever way of looking at Sativa.  Imagine a world where the population applied the idea of Sativa in this sense to their characters. A world of cultivated people would be extraordinary. Maybe one day the concept of Sativa could be known when applied to humanoids is the concept of someone with intention of self-improvement cultivating themselves by planting good seeds and continually aerating the soil of the mind to destroy weeds and promote good healthy growth by increasing further character development.

 “The Latin term sativus can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome, when farmers would cultivate certain crops and label them as Sativa in order to differentiate them from wild plants.

Fast-forwarding two thousand years into modern times, Sativa has come to represent something far greater than simply cultivated crops: it stands for a holistic approach towards well-being and natural healing. From its beginnings as an agricultural concept in Ancient Rome, Sativa has evolved into an umbrella term encompassing everything from herbs used for medical purposes to aromatherapy oils.

At first glance, one may not think there’s anything special about the word “Sativa” – but those who take time to explore beneath its surface will quickly discover that there is much more behind this seemingly ordinary botanical adjective than meets the eye!


From herbal teas to supplements and even skincare products made from naturally occurring substances like CBD oil, Sativa is no longer just about cultivating plants – it’s about creating better lives for those who use them.

Whether you’re looking for a natural way to reduce stress or seeking out skin treatments designed to give your complexion a boost, Sativa products are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to improve their overall wellness.

With its ever-growing popularity among consumers, businesses around the world have started offering their own unique takes on products in this growing category – ranging from oils and tinctures to specialized edibles and topicals. So if you’re ready to take charge of your wellness journey by exploring all that Sativa has to offer – now is definitely the time! Use our code (TOP710) with our partners at Natural Stress Solutions

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