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Breeze Provisioning Center | Hazel Park

Breeze Provisioning Center in Hazel Park, Michigan. They carry the best Michigan Grown Buds that have been carefully lab tested. Their cannabis products are dank enough to win the Michigan Cannabis Cup. Breeze Provisioning Center works with Michigan Cannabis Growers. They also have stocked their Michigan Dispensary with the finest Michigan bud and many well-known brands such as Concentrate Kings, Element, Tree Top Labs, and Choice. Moreover, it includes edibles, Concentrates, Topicals, Vaporizers, Prerolls, Strictly CBD and Accessories, and some of the best medical marijuana in Michigan

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.Breeze Provisioning Center

Provisioning Center

Breeze Provisioning Center has Online ordering and curbside service available.

Online Ordering is available for Curbside Pickup ONLY
You must be 21+ with a valid (or EXPIRED) government-issued ID 

  1. Place your order using the Order Now page.  The person placing the order MUST be present and have their ID available at the time of pickup.
  2. You’ll receive a text confirming your order was received and Ready for Pickup.
  3. On arrival, please park in any one of the designated BREEZE parking spaces.
  4. Text your FULL NAME and the BREEZE Parking Space # to (248) 838-9444 and we’ll be right out!
  5. A BREEZE team member will greet you at your car and finalize the order.
  6. Start your Pick up Order ===> 

I made this page for Michigan Couponers. Moreover, this is a resource for Michigan Caregivers taking care of MMMP patients all over Michigan. The services at Breeze Provisioning Center are unlike any other establishment of its kind. They are also committed to the safe use of medical marijuana. It’s a natural means to ease symptoms and improve health and wellness to all Michiganders.

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Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

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First Time Patients get a goodie bag!

Not valid with any other specials or discounts.

Provisioning Center


Breeze Provisioning Center and Delivery in Hazel Park, Michigan offers Deals for first-time patients. They also offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and disabled patients with valid MMMP card. You will find High Times Michigan Quality weed from trusted Michigan Cannabis Growers.

Breeze Provisioning Center | Hazel ParkVeterans receive 10%  discount for active and retired veterans with ID
Breeze Provisioning Center | Hazel ParkDisabled patients receive 10 % discount for cannabis.
Breeze Provisioning Center | Hazel ParkSenior marihuana discounts receive 10% off total order.

*Not available for combination

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Product Promotions

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

Original recipes made from scratch in Michigan with high-quality ingredients.

TreeTown’s progressive and unique line of cannabis products is inspired by the diverse beauty of Ann Arbor. They take pride in providing customers with safe, consistent, and enjoyable edibles. @treetown_michigan on Instagram Start your Pick up Order ===> 

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

Provisioning Center

Church’s process starts with their highly experienced procurement team who works directly with licensed cultivators in each state they operate in sourcing only the finest flower and biomass from their award-winning genetics. Start your Pick up Order ===> 

Church’s extraction team operates in state-licensed facilities using their advanced proprietary extraction methods. All material is lab-tested throughout each step of our supply chain ensuring its FREE of all unwanted contaminants, residual solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides while delivering the Highest THC potency available. All products are lab tested and certified with COA’s meeting state regulatory requirements.  Lab results by batch can be found directly on their packaging.

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

At Fluresh, they create thoughtfully curated, expertly cultivated, and uniquely designed cannabis products tailored to support each person’s dynamic needs. Fluresh is a licensed grower and producer of medical and adult-use cannabis products so whether you’re a patient or recreational consumer they’ll partner with you to enrich your experience and improve your well-being. Begin Pick up Order ===> 


Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

Medical marijuana in Michigan

I am constantly updating all provisioning centers. So, the Michigan couponers may have new deals, discounts, and promotions. In addition, the Michigan caregivers and cannabis patients seeking Michigan made medical marijuana, can also benefit. Breeze Provisioning center is a locally owned and community-focused business. It also strives to create a safe, welcoming, and inviting environment. Here, we share our passion for Cannabis with our customers and patients.Begin Pick up Order ===>

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

Dazed Extracts produces connoisseur grade cannabis extracts from the finest hand-trimmed flower. Their promise is to provide consistent, high quality, lab-tested products. Dazed manufactures a full range of cannabis extracts and infused products that are rich in terpenes and pure cannabinoids – while remaining free of solvents, cutting agents, and diluting additives. Begin Pick up Order ===> 

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park Michigan

Your Journey To Wellness Begins Here. Explore Yours With RISE Tablets. Precisely Formulated With Cannabinoids And Natural Terpenes. CBD RISE CBD tablets are non-psychoactive and designed to provide a feeling of relaxation, improved mood, and diminished anxiety. Health…Order now.

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

MEDIE EDIE’S MISSION It’s Medie Edie’s mission to provide patients with consistency, quality, and authentic gourmet medibles and concentrates. They pride themselves in using high-quality medicine in all of their products. Their edible’s menu…Shop Now at Breeze Provisioning Center

Breeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park

CBD bath bombs are the perfect solution for pain relief, relaxation & hydration. Our bath bombs contain hydrating sweet almond oil as well as Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, and CBD isolate for muscle relaxation and pain relief. Available in: coconut-lime,…Buy CBD Bath Bombs for pick-up

Michigan Caregivers Deals & Discounts

Michigan provisioning centers are compassionate with the MMMP Michigan medical marijuana community. They help by providing weed deals and marijuana discounts to ease the burden of medical cannabis costs. Caregivers can find special discounts for MMMP Patients. So, they may provide them with a higher quality of life.

Specials from Breeze Provisioning Center===>ShopNowBreeze Provisioning Center Hazel Park Michigan

Michigan marijuana coupons

Save money on cannabis purchases with exclusive coupons for your favorite brands. Provisioning Centers offer discounts for delivery services, CBD products, edibles, vapes, and more. Bargains can be found for marijuana shoppers. This website delivers discounts and deals for cannabis coupon clippers. Since we all know Michigan Weed is better! Therefore, from one Michigander to another I aim to provide high-quality Michigan cannabis couponing. Marijuana discounts with daily and BOGO deals, coupons on fine grade cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates. Come in and speak with one of our consultants. They will help to find the right products for you. You can order online and pick up in-store! Subscribe to our mailing list. So, you will receive the best medical cannabis coupons and promotional offers.

Fuel 420 Provisioning Center

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Breeze Provisioning Center | Hazel Park
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