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cookies cannabis dispensary

Cookies cannabis dispensary has a special guest

Once upon a time, there was a Cookie Monster who lived in La Mesa, California. He loved cookies more than anything else in the world and was always on the hunt for new recipes to try.

One day, Cookie Monster decided he wanted to check out something different and so off he went to Cookies Cannabis Dispensary. As soon as he stepped into the dispensary, he felt a wave of calmness wash over him and his curiosity was piqued! He explored every corner and shelf of the shop, admiring all sorts of interesting products that were available there.

But it wasn’t until Cookie Monster sampled some cannabis that things really got interesting – after taking just one puff from an edible cookie infused with marijuana-infused oil, his entire perspective shifted! Suddenly everything seemed clearer; ideas flowed through his head like never before as if something had unlocked inside him! The world around him suddenly seemed brighter and more vibrant than ever before.

Cookie Monster left feeling enlightened by this experience and knew it would stay with him forever – no matter how much cookie dough or ice cream sundaes crossed his path in life!phat cock herbal supplement

cookies cannabis dispensary
7935 El Cajon Blvd
La Mesa CA 91942
united states