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March and Ash

March and Ash

The small town of Vista, California seemed like an unlikely place for something mysterious and magical to happen. But that’s exactly what was going on at March and Ash Dispensary and Weed Delivery. The locals had started noticing some strange things happening around the shop, especially during the night hours when it was closed up tight. Lights would flicker in windows, shadows moved behind curtains, and strange noises could be heard coming from inside.

One brave soul decided to investigate further. As they approached the building late one evening they noticed a faint glow emanating from within. Cautiously entering through the creaking door, they soon found out why: It was filled with hundreds of tiny fairies! Some were flying around lighting up the room while others were tending to strange plants with glowing leaves; these must have been where all that wonderful smell of freshly-baked cookies came from!

In awe at this wondrous sight before them, our heroes stepped deeper into this enchanted world – only to find themselves face-to-face with a giant dragon! Fortunately for them, he wasn’t there to cause any trouble; instead he explained how he had been sent by his master – an ancient wizard – to protect this special place full of unique magic items and spells are hidden away here for centuries until someone worthy enough discovered it… After a few more conversations between our hero and the dragon, it became clear that this particular journey would bring great power but also a great responsibility – as custodian of such amazing gifts – which meant keeping their existence secret forever or risking its destruction.

It didn’t take long before news spread throughout Vista about what had been uncovered at March & Ash Dispensary & Weed Delivery – creating quite a stir in this sleepy little corner of California! People traveled far distances just to get a glimpse if even just get a single slice of one of those glowing plant’s leaves – each trying their best not let anyone else discover “the secret” behind this mystical dispensary…phat cock herbal supplement

March and Ash
2465 Dogwood Way
Vista CA 92081
united states