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Michigan Supply and Provisions | Detroit

In a stunning turn of events, it has been revealed that Michigan Supply and Provisions, a popular cannabis dispensary in Detroit, Michigan, is actually run by a group of fairy tale creatures. Yes, you heard that right – the employees of this dispensary are not your usual humans, but a magical group of creatures straight out of your favorite childhood stories!

According to our sources, the dispensary is operated by a team of friendly dwarves, led by the one and only Snow White. Customers who have visited the dispensary have reported seeing elves, fairies, and even talking animals roaming around the store.

Despite the unconventional management, Michigan Supply and Provisions has quickly become a beloved spot in the Detroit community. The dispensary’s unique atmosphere, combined with the high quality of their products, has made it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

One customer, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that they were initially skeptical about buying their cannabis from a fairy tale creature. “But once I tried their products, I was hooked,” they said. “I’ve never had such high-quality weed before! And the fact that it’s being sold by dwarves and fairies just adds to the experience.”

When reached for comment, Snow White herself had this to say: “We may be fairy tale creatures, but we take our business very seriously. We want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and that means offering the highest quality cannabis products at competitive prices. And of course, we always throw in a little bit of magic!”

So there you have it, folks. If you’re in Detroit and looking for a unique cannabis dispensary experience, be sure to stop by Michigan Supply and Provisions. Who knows, you might just find yourself buying your next bag of weed from a group of friendly dwarves or a chatty woodland creature!

Michigan Supply and Provisions | Detroit
24363 Grand River Ave.
Detroit Michigan 48219
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