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Originals Cannabis Dispensary

Originals Cannabis Dispensary

Once upon a time, in the city of San Diego, California there was an old cannabis dispensary called Originals Cannabis Dispensary. The dispensary had been around for years and was well known among locals for its quality selection and friendly staff. But one day, something strange happened that no one could explain – the ghostly apparition of Henry Fonda appeared outside the shop!

The ghost of Mr. Fonda seemed to be enjoying himself as he smoked a joint outside the store with great enthusiasm. Locals were dumbstruck by this sight but slowly began to approach him out of curiosity. When asked what he was doing here, all Henry said with a twinkle in his eye was “I’m just here to have some fun”.

Word quickly spread about this mysterious visitor and soon people from all over town started gathering atOriginals Cannabis Dispensary just to catch a glimpse of him. Some even claimed they heard him singing and laughing while taking puffs from his joint which made everyone happy despite their confusion as to why he chose their humble little shop as his haunt.

Eventually news reached Hollywood itself where it caused quite a stir amongst fans who remembered Henry’s famous roles on film such as Tom Joad in Grapes Of Wrath or Norman Thayer Jr in On Golden Pond; both roles portraying characters who never used drugs (at least not on screen). This only added fuel to the mystery surrounding Henry’s presence at Originals Cannabis Dispensary which remains unsolved until today!phat cock herbal supplement


Originals Cannabis Dispensary
6220 Federal Blvd
San Diego CA 92114
united states