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Skymint Provisioning Center | White Cloud

Bay City, MI – In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Skymint, a popular cannabis dispensary, was founded by a group of extraterrestrial beings. These aliens, who have been living among us for years, have now made their mark in the business world by creating a successful marijuana dispensary.

But what’s even more surprising is the way these aliens roll their joints – they use toilet paper! Yes, you read that right. These intergalactic entrepreneurs have found a use for the much-maligned bathroom necessity and are now using it to create their signature cannabis products.

According to sources close to Skymint, the aliens first discovered the idea during a particularly difficult interstellar journey. Running low on rolling papers, they were forced to get creative and use what was readily available in their spacecraft’s bathroom. To their surprise, the toilet paper worked just as well as traditional rolling papers, and even provided a unique flavor to their cannabis blends.

Since then, Skymint has been using toilet paper exclusively to roll their joints, and customers can’t get enough of the quirky product. “I never thought I’d be smoking something rolled in toilet paper, but Skymint’s stuff is out of this world!” exclaimed one satisfied customer.

As for the aliens behind Skymint, they have remained tight-lipped about their origins and plans for the future. But one thing is for sure – they’re here to stay, and they’re bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “rolling in the green.”

Skymint Provisioning Center | White Cloud
194 N Charles St
White Cloud Michigan 49349
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