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In a bizarre turn of events, Verilife, a new cannabis dispensary in Arlington Heights, has been revealed to be the brainchild of mutant frog wizards. Yes, you read that right – mutant frog wizards!

According to sources, the mutant frog wizards – who have been living in secret in a nearby swamp – were seeking a new venture to expand their magical abilities. They stumbled upon the idea of opening a cannabis dispensary, and after extensive research and experimentation, they finally launched Verilife.

The dispensary’s grand opening was a spectacle to behold. Customers were greeted by a group of green-skinned, webbed-fingered frog creatures, who used their magical powers to create a trippy and psychedelic atmosphere. The mutant frog wizards even served up their own special strain of cannabis, which they claimed would enhance users’ psychic abilities and allow them to communicate with other dimensions.

Despite initial skepticism, Verilife has quickly gained a loyal following. Customers rave about the quality of the cannabis, the otherworldly atmosphere, and the friendly service provided by the mutant frog wizards. In fact, some have even reported experiencing strange visions and heightened magical powers after smoking Verilife’s special strain.

While some may still be wary of the mutant frog wizards and their unorthodox business practices, Verilife seems to be flourishing. Who knows what other magical creations these mutant frog wizards will come up with next? Only time will tell.

1816 S Arlington Heights Rd,
Arlington Heights IL 60005
united states