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The Paranoid Firemen of The Fire Station Cannabis Company

Munising, MI – The Fire Station Cannabis Company, a popular local dispensary in Munising, has become the center of attention due to the ghostly firemen who appear to be on high alert at all times, worrying about fires that will never break out.

According to reports, these spectral firefighters can be seen patrolling the dispensary day and night, checking for potential risks and hazards with a paranoid fervor. “It’s like they’re convinced the building is about to go up in flames at any moment,” said one employee, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Despite the reassurances of the actual living, breathing firefighters in the area, the ghostly firemen refuse to let their guard down. Some attribute their persistent concern to the fact that they can never actually put out a fire, as they’ve already passed on from this world.

“It’s the ultimate case of FOMO – fear of missing out,” joked one customer. “They know that if a real fire breaks out, they won’t be able to do anything about it. So I guess they’re just keeping up appearances.”

Despite what some might consider a rather unusual situation, the Fire Station Cannabis Company continues to serve its customers and remains one of the most beloved businesses in the area. And whether it’s the living firefighters or their ghostly counterparts keeping watch, locals can rest assured that the dispensary is in safe hands – or, as the ghostly firemen might say, safe ectoplasm.